Microsoft a part of $37.5 million investment in SnapLogic

Dave W. Shanahan


In a post on their blog, SnapLogic announced that they received $37.5 million in funding from other investors, including Microsoft, saving them from certain death. SnapLogic is one of 21 partners that integrated Azure SQL Data Warehouse into their organizations earlier this year.
SnapLogic dubs itself as “industry’s first unified data and application integration platform as a service (iPaaS).” SnapLogic uses what they call “Snaps,” which are pre-built integration components meant to simplify and automate enterprise integration processes. Founder and CEO of SnapLogic, Gaurav Dhillon, is excited for the new round of funding, saying in a press release:

“SnapLogic was first to see that a fresh, new approach to connect data, apps and the Internet of Things was needed for the modern enterprise. Our vision and our mission is to connect anything, anytime, anywhere. This new round of funding allows us to continue to build on our momentum and capitalize on the $500 billion cloud, big data and Internet of Things market opportunity.”

SnapLogic was one of the first startups to bet that most businesses would move their processes to the cloud, so they introduced Snaps as a way to integrate cloud technologies with in-house applications. However, as the cloud technology continued to evolve, companies were later required to have SnapLogic software on-site in order to access their cloud applications.
With this new round of funding, SnapLogic will be able to continue evolving into 2016. SnapLogic announced a partnership with Microsoft to support Cortana Analytics Suite as well as a partnership with HCL Technologies, India’s fourth-largest IT service provider, to provide consulting and implementation services for application and data integration.
Microsoft was among a handful of investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Ignition Partners, and Triangle Peak Partners. After this latest round of funding, SnapLogic has raised approximately $90 million.