Text prediction feature now available to Microsoft Outlook for Android users

Kevin Okemwa

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Microsoft Outlook

In a recent update, Microsoft Outlook for Android got access to a new feature, text prediction. As you’d imagine, this text prediction feature is designed to help users to come up with quick and accurate responses to emails. (via Neowin)

As such, users will be able to curate emails without any grammatical errors. The feature first made its debut in OS and has been available on Outlook web since 2020. Now, Android users also get to enjoy its perks.

With the new update transitioning the app to Version 4.2203.2, all you have to do to use text prediction is to swipe left once the suggestion pops up to accept it. Users can continue typing if the suggestion is not viable for them. Microsoft is able to make text predictions using machine learning.

We will have to wait and see how users interact with this feature on their Android devices to decipher how well it works when it comes to making predictions and avoiding grammatical errors. If you’re not already using Outlook on Android, you can download the app here:

Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook
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