Microsoft Outlook Configuration Analyzer Tool 2.0 released

Microsoft Outlook Configuration Analyzer Tool (OCAT) contains a set of detection rules that scans and fixes an Outlook configuration or profile that may contain a problem. This tool, in which version 2 has now been released, fixes known issues in Outlook profiles.

As Described by Microsoft, “OCAT was developed by two Microsoft support engineers with over 30 years of combined experience in Outlook, Exchange and Office support. Based on their support experience, they compiled a set of detection rules that look for Outlook configurations that have historically been potential sources of problems in Outlook.”

For those that already have the Outlook Configuration Analyzer Tool version 1 installed, it will automatically be updated to version 2. So what’s new in Outlook Configuration Analyzer Tool 2.0?

  • Automatic downloading of new detection rules
  • Automatic downloading of OCAT installation files
  • Addition of the CalCheck tool (checks calendar)
  • Addition of new detection rules
  • Improved support for Outlook 2003
  • Command-line version of OCATcmd.exe
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