Microsoft, others sign Cybersecurity Tech Accord, vow not to help govts conduct cyber warfare

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft announced today (April 17) they have signed the Cybersecurity Tech Accord, which in part vows to not help governments conduct cyber warfare. Other notable companies also signing the Tech Accord include Cisco, Facebook, HP, Nokia, and Oracle. All members signing the Tech Accord promise to move cybersecurity forward and defend all of their customers worldwide.

Overall, the Tech Accord covers four core areas— stronger defense, no offense,  capacity building, and collective action. There are also further plans for the creation of jointly developed guidelines, and information sharing and partnering to combat threats that will make the online world safer for everyone. See more about the Accord in the video below.

According to the Tech Accord website, companies who have agreed to join the Tech Accord will hold their first meeting during the security-focused RSA Conference taking place in San Francisco. It also makes it clear the Accord remains open to new private sector companies, regardless of size and sector, as long as they are trusted and have high cybersecurity standards.