Microsoft and others invest another $4 million in Unify Square

Sean Cameron


No matter how thoughtfully software is designed, no matter how good its creators intentions may be, there will always be oversight. Some need will be overlooked, certain situations will not be regarded, and it is for these that third party solutions are often the best option.

And for companies looking to streamline and help unify their use of Skype for Business, Unify Square is an excellent option. Indeed, it has attracted significant attention from many investors, including Microsoft, gathering over $4 million in its most recent investment drive. The firm, comprised of former Lync engineers among others, was founded in 2008 and has since enjoyed steady success.

Microsoft previously led an $8.2 million investment round in the company last February, bringing the total investment to some $12.2 million.

In an interview with the Seattle Times, regarding the move, founder Sonu Aggarwal had this to say,

“We act as a fairly important amplifier [to Skype], and help large customers get it right. There’s a big market opportunity, a big need for businesses to get products that ensure reliability and voice quality.”

Although the company does not currently turn a profit, it expects to do so by 2016 and currently employs around 100 members of staff.

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