Microsoft opposes SOPA in official statement

Over the last week or so, websites and companies from all over the world have been 'blacking out' over the SOPA bill which threatens to censor the internet, today Microsoft has issued an official statement regarding their current standing for the bill.

Microsoft have stayed relatively quiet about their position towards the SOPA bill, today the company have confirmed that they are in opposition with the bill, states The Seattle Times. The news comes just as websites such as Reddit, Wikipedia and more go dark for the day.

"We oppose the passage of the SOPA bill as currently drafted. We think the White House statement points in a constructive way to problems with the current legislation, the need to fix them, and the opportunity for people on all sides to talk together about a better path forward."

The SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) bill is out to censor the internet from copyrighted information and content. This isn't a good thing for Journalists, Gamers, and anything content creative.

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