Microsoft Operations Management Suite gains new subscription purchasing option

Michael Cottuli

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Microsoft has no shortage of solutions for IT professionals that want to manage everything under their watchful eye with the most efficient software possible. One of the best programs that Microsoft has available for that is OMS – also known as Operations Management Suite. The program makes it easy for IT professionals to put together their own dashboards full of relevant data, automate important tasks, and identify anomalies in a timely fashion so they can do their job as efficiently as possible.

For those who haven’t bought into OMS yet, Microsoft has decided to add a brand new option for people to subscribe to the service.

On July 1, we will introduce an OMS subscription that includes rights to both the cloud capabilities of OMS and the on-premises value of System Center. This new way to buy is an annual subscription option that is priced per end point, so that customers can now simply count the virtual machines or servers they wish to manage instead of calculating usage for individual services

You can check out all of the details in that article, but the gist of the news is this: You’ve now got a better way to subscribe to OMS if the service strikes your fancy. It was also made clear in the article that, if you’re already subscribed to OMS through the pre-existing subscription method, you’ll still be able to implement cloud management via an add-on.

While this isn’t fundamentally changing the way that anyone looks at OMS, the changes to the subscription are still a nice addition for people loyal to the software. Adding flexibility to the way that people can purchase the service can only be good, and hopefully some new customers might be able to find the perfect subscription arrangement through this option.