Microsoft opens up it’s Socl social-search project to the public, go test it now

Back in December of 2011, Microsoft revealed its Socl social-search project, which aimed to be a hybrid between social networking and search. Only special people (those with special invitations) were able to try it out and offer feedback. Well, fast-forward to a year later, Microsoft is now allowing anyone to sign up and test Socl.

“We appreciate your continued feedback which is helping us to gain more insight every day and improve how we can all communicate, learn and share our everyday lives. We’ve been busy redesigning Socl to match how you’re using it, and starting today, we’d like you to give the new Socl a spin at and let us know what you think,” Microsoft stated. Socl was originally a experimental research project focused on how social networking and search can be used for the purpose of learning. Socl was built using TypeScript, which is a superset of JavaScript. On top of that, Socl is not an attempt to take on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest. Our initial reaction when using Socl was that it reminded us of Pinterest and Facebook, with a little touch of Google Plus. Head over to to try it out.

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