Microsoft to open Fall 2013 Xbox Dashboard Preview registration later today

Email Twitter: @ZacB_ Jul 5th, 2013 inNews

Xbox 360 Blades DashboardThe Xbox 360 Blades Dashboard

Microsoft have promised it’s Xbox 360 users that it has no plans to abandon the hardware later this year when the Xbox One is released, which is good because it means the Xbox 360 will still receive games and updates from developers.

Microsoft is preparing to open registrations for its Fall 2013 Dashboard Preview, which will allow a limited number of users to test out the upcoming Xbox 360 dashboard which is said to phase out Microsoft Points in favour of real currency. Not much else is known about the preview, but we expect to see yet another UI overhaul to match the upcoming Xbox One.

Users will be required to sign up via the Xbox Dashboard instead of Microsoft Connect, and will have to agree to an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) which prohibits testers from talking about the preview outside official Microsoft websites.

Registration will open later today for users to sign up, remember spaces are limited. Check out the source link below for registration link.

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