Microsoft Teams is coming to OneDrive with new “Your Teams” section

Arif Bacchus

There’s no shortage of Microsoft 365 integrations across most of Microsoft’s apps and services these days, but there’s about to be a new one. Spotted by Windows Central, Microsoft is working on a “Your Teams” section of OneDrive, so you can get to your favorite Teams files faster.

So, how does the feature work? Well, Microsoft will be adding a “More Places” section to OneDrive, and from there, you’ll be able to “find and work with all your files in Teams,” according to Microsoft. This would be a change from the current version of OneDrive on the web, where you get a “Microsoft Teams Chat Files” and “Microsoft Teams Data” section in “My Files” for your Teams data.

As usual, these new features are listed on the Microsoft 365 roadmap first, and in this case, we’re looking at Feature ID 88912. It was first posted on February 4, and Microsoft hopes for the “Your Teams” section in OneDrive to be released in April 2022 with a targeted release schedule for select people. Of course, like the other features Microsoft is working on, you have to give and take a few months, so that, and the targetted release means not everyone will see it right away once available.

This would be just the latest cross-Microsoft app integration with Teams. The company is also looking into letting you use your favorite Teams apps right from Outlook. It even wants you to control your Teams calls with Bluetooth headsets, too.