Microsoft OneDrive app updates on iOS with a better uploading experience

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The official Microsoft OneDrive app updated on Apple's iOS devices today with a small update that improves the uploading experience.

The update, which brings the app to Version 10.55, makes it so that files that are being uploaded will now be visible during the upload process. This will likely help reduce any doubt about whether an upload was initiated correctly.

Here's the official release notes for Version 10.55:

We polished up the photo uploading experience, and you'll now see your uploading photos and videos right smack in the photos view - proof that a watched pot does in fact boil.

This wouldn't be possible without your feedback. If you run into any issues, please shake your device and tap "Report a Problem."

Previous updates to the iOS One Drive app fixed several bugs and added new functionality to the iMessage app.

Do you use OneDrive on your iOS device or do you prefer to access it on something else? Share your thoughts with the community in the comments below and then follow us on Pinterest for more tech content.

Microsoft onedrive app updates on ios with a better uploading experience - onmsft. Com - february 21, 2019
The app was not found in the store. 🙁

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