Microsoft one-ups Google with quick video previews on just by hovering over them


The Bing team are a team of geniuses. Microsoft has announced the availability of "Smart Motion Preview" on videos when viewed on In essence, hovering over a video will offer you a quick preview of the video, so you don't have to click on it to see what it is!

The feature is pretty simple. Lets say you are searching for a particular video. When presented with a grid of videos to browse through, you can easily hover over a video and see an immediate popout that shows you a quick video preview of no longer than 30 seconds.

"What’s cool about the technology is that it helps you decide if it is a video you want to go watch. This makes it easier to sort through the clutter of all those results and help you get to what you are looking for. It’s also something you will not find with the other guys," Microsoft explained in an official blog post.

In addition, Microsoft has also released two new video advertisements showcasing Google vs Bing. If you watch closely, you can see the Smart Motion Preview in action on the first video. Check it out below and head over to's Video section to try out the feature.

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