Microsoft officially unboxes the Xbox One, reveals everything you get inside the box

Xbox One

Microsoft has today released a brand new video on it’s Xbox YouTube page of an unboxing of the finalized Xbox One console. The video reveals everything you will be getting in the box on launch day, which is expected to be sometime in November.

Inside the box you get an Xbox One console, Controller, Kinect 2.0 Sensor, Power Brick, HDMI Cable and Chat Headset. What may be surprising is that a Chat Headset is included, as Microsoft were originally considering not including a headset at all. The HDMI cable is capable of 1080p, 3D and 4K output.

It’s believed that the console unboxed in the video is the a final production unit, meaning it’s exactly the same as what consumers will be receiving later this year. Microsoft recently began internally beta testing the consoles firmware, which means the Xbox OS is almost complete too.

It is likely that the required update when setting up the Xbox One for the first time is to update the OS with final patches. It’s not uncommon for gaming devices, or in fact most devices to do this when a product with software is released.

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