Microsoft to officially reveal Halo 4 this month?

A new report is suggesting that Microsoft may be revealing Halo 4, the company’s upcoming and highly anticipated game. A Finnish magazine by the name of “Pelaaja” may have spoiled the reveal by reporting that Microsoft will be holding a Showcase later this month and will be revealing Halo 4.

Finnish magazine Pelaaja is reporting that Microsoft will hold a Spring Showcase on February 29th and the company will be revealing Halo 4 at that time. Of course, this is a huge rumor, so take it with a grain of salt. This years Spring Showcase is in San Francisco and will take place ahead of the Game Developer’s Conference. Halo 4 has not been mentioned in connection with this conference until this report came out.

A fake Halo 4 Beta website claiming to offer access to the beta program was deemed unofficial and malicious by Microsoft recently with intent to trick users into revealing their Xbox Live password. Microsoft is filing a complain to attain that domain. Microsoft has been warning users that any website or source claiming to offer access to the Halo 4 Beta program are fakes, designed to trick you into revealing your Xbox Live password. Microsoft has yet to announce or even begin a beta program for Halo 4.

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