Microsoft officially introduces Wedge Mobile Keyboard and Touch Mouse for Windows 8


In an official blog post, Microsoft officially introduced the new Wedge Mobile Keyboard and Wedge Touch Mouse for Windows 8. Recent images were leaked to the internet showcasing these two new hardware companions for Windows 8, but now we get an official announcement.

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“Microsoft Hardware is announcing new mice and keyboards that are designed to take advantage of Windows 8. These new mice and keyboards will help people interact with their Windows 8 PCs and devices. They will be perfect companions to Windows 8,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post. Designed specifically for tablets, the Wedge Mobile Keyboard and the Wedge Touch mouse are seamlessly connected via Bluetooth. The keyboard comes with a cover to protect the touch keyboard from any kind of damage. The touch mouse, on the other hand, is very cool as it utilizes many of the common Windows 8 gestures (see below for a chart). The touch keyboard will run for $79.95 while the touch mouse will run for $69.95. These two items will be available soon.

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