Microsoft officially announces acquisition of R2 Studios, Xbox platform to reap the benefits



Recently, it was revealed that Microsoft had acquired app-maker Id8 Group R2 Studios, Inc. The company is headed by Sling Media founder Blake Krikorian, who will be joining Microsoft as part of the deal. The XBOX division of Microsoft will reap the benefits of this purchase.

Now, Microsoft has made this rumor official and released a press statement announcing that R2 Studios founder Blake Krikorian will be Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, which is the home of the Xbox entertainment console. There are no details on how much Microsoft paid to acquire R2 Studios or how the company’s technology and patents would fit into Microsoft’s product lineup, but we do know that R2 Studios is very active in the home-automation arena. This can only mean that Microsoft’s Xbox platform will benefit from this acquisition.

“I am excited to join Microsoft and be a part of the Xbox team. As a 10-year Xbox LIVE subscriber, I have seen firsthand how Xbox has delighted us by reinventing how consumers experience games and entertainment. I look forward to helping the team define the future of entertainment and contribute to the next decade of continued innovation,” Blake Krikorian stated in a press release.