Microsoft Office XP nearing end of life

Microsoft wants you to know that if you are still using Office XP, get ready, because it is nearing its end of life very soon. Microsoft plans on ending support for Office XP in July of 2011.

As ComputerWorld reports, Office XP will no longer be supported beginning July 12 of this year. Microsoft will likely issue one final security update around July 12th and call it quits on this aged piece of software.

Office XP was launched nearly 10 years ago and featured the removal of "clippit" and other office assistants.

Office XP was last upgraded back in 2004 when Microsoft released Service Pack 3 for this suite. Office XP was last patched in December 2010, when Microsoft issued 18 security updates.

Microsoft recommends that you discontinue use of Office XP and purchase a newer edition. Office 2003, the successor to Office XP, is still eligible for updates until 2014. If you rather have Office 2007, you will still be good until April 2017. For those who prefer Office 2010, you are eligible for updates until October 2020.

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