Microsoft Office Store has 200 apps? Don’t worry, they are just fancy add-ons

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Office Store apps

With the recent launch of Office 2013 and Office 365, many consumers will notice an Office Store, offering over 200 “apps.” While this may confuse users, we say don’t worry. These “apps” are merely add-ons. Microsoft wants developers to take a different approach when it comes to developing for Office.

“One of the features of the new Microsoft Office revision is the Office Store, where users can download plugins and other tools to supplement the core Office experience. Microsoft invited a wide range of apps makers, from online dictionary developers like Merriam-Webster, to Hertz: developers with broad appeal, as well as those involved with highly specific functions,” a report on stated regarding Microsoft’s approach on the new Office Store. Microsoft mentions that there are more than 200 apps in the Office Store with more to come. Microsoft is hoping to see a splurge of new customers and downloads as the Office Store is opened. But for those of you confused as to what these “apps” are, they are simply “add-ons” but with a new name. You can visit the Office Store here.

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