Microsoft Office Mechanics expands coverage, renames to Microsoft Mechanics

Microsoft Office Mechanics is a show that has pumped out some informative behind-the-scenes look at Microsoft’s Office productivity suite over time. Aimed at IT pros and tech aficionados, the show has now expanded its coverage to include all of Microsoft’s technology and rebranded itself as simply Microsoft Mechanics.

As they indicate in the show notes over at YouTube:

Today marks the launch of Microsoft Mechanics, our official new show and video platform for tech enthusiasts and IT professionals. We’ll cover the latest tech from the Azure, SQL/BI, Windows and Surface teams with the same demo-packed 10-minute shows from the engineers and experts. And we recently even launched the Microsoft Mechanics Demo Bench, a 2-3 minute demonstration format typically delivered straight from the Microsoft engineers behind the design and capabilities.

Check out the intro video:

The show broadcasts new videos on Wednesdays or whenever news breaks. So, for the inside scoop on all things Microsoft, keep your eye on the Microsoft Mechanics YouTube channel.

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Will you be tuning into the new Microsoft Mechanics?