Microsoft Office for iPad is already a big hit in the Apple iTunes Store -
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Microsoft Office for iPad is already a big hit in the Apple iTunes Store

Microsoft Office for iPad is already a big hit on iTunes Store

Earlier in the week, Microsoft released its iconic Office productivity suite for Apple's iPad. Within a few hours, all the three apps in the suite (Word, PowerPoint, and Excel) have moved to the top in the iTunes Store, Apple’s app store. The same holds true for Apple App Store's charts for free apps in India.

Office for iPad includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint. However, in case you did not know, has been available on iTunes for quite a while now. The top three apps on iTunes are well reserved by Word, Excel, and PowerPoint under the “free” section. Guess which app is right behind Office suite holding the fourth position? Microsoft’s note taking app OneNote.

Office for iPad is on top of the iTunes store

The same is true for India’s App Store as well. CEO Satya Nadella mentioned this news on Twitter last night. “Looks like it's a productive Friday for #iPad owners!”

Microsoft has made all the three apps - Word, Excel, and PowerPoint available for free. Anyone with an iPad running iOS version 7 or higher, can download the app without spending a dime, read documents on Word and Excel, and give a presentation using PowerPoint. However, creating and editing functionality are limited to Office 365 subscribers. You can run to a Microsoft Store to get this for free for one year! Offer ends tomorrow, so you may want to rush a little. Not surprisingly, Apple is taking a 30 percent cut on each subscription purchase. 

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