Microsoft Office 16 build 16.0.3030.1018 has leaked onto the web

Microsoft Office 16 build 16.0.3030.1018 has leaked onto the web

It appears an older build of the Office 16 Technical Preview has leaked onto the web, as reports from various online forums are claiming to be able to download build 16.0.3030.1018 from online FTP’s. This build is rather old, being one of the first builds handed out to the private Technical Preview group a couple months ago.

We’ve already covered this build, so make sure you check out what’s new here. Considering this software is pre-release, we advise you not install unless you’re up for giving feedback to Microsoft. For those who don’t know, this build of Office 16 requires a Microsoft Office 365 subscription, and will not activate with normal serial keys.

If you don’t have a subscription to Microsoft Office, you will be unable to activate your copy, meaning your program will expire after 5 days. It’s also worth noting that you are unable to install Office 16 side-by-side with Office 15, so if you do use Office regularly I advise you use a separate PC if you plan on downloading and testing.

Considering this is an old build, we’ve got coverage on a newer build with new features. Make sure you check that out here. Of course, with all unauthorized leaks, we will not be linking directly to the leak.

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