Microsoft Office 15 Technical Preview screenshots revealed

Microsoft upcoming Office 15 productivity suite has had very little press time as of late. With information slowly coming out about the recently Technical Preview as of late, we finally get to peek into the upcoming Office 15 suite with some screenshots.

In a new report by THEVERGE, Office 15 has recently entered the Technical Preview stage so third parties can test the pre-beta code. Office 15 is expected to run on Windows 7 and Windows 8, as well as Windows on ARM. Judging by the screenshots, we see a slightly different approach to the design, with a minimized-by-default Ribbon UI and navigation controls on the left side of the application, looks very Metro’ish. Outlook is reported to be the most changed of the apps with a more Metro-style look. In Outlook, instead of the traditional “Contacts” we see the new “People” tab.

Office 15 will have a new feature called Broadcast Slide Show that will allow users to broadcast documents online by sharing them with others, via Windows Live.

At the moment, Microsoft is concerned about allowing Office 15 to work well in a fullscreen environment so the interface may change again at a later date. But thus far, the new suite looks great, at least in our opinion. The Public Preview build of Office 15 is expected this summer.

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