Microsoft Office 15 features detailed, enhances your productivity

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Microsoft’s upcoming Office 15 productivity suite has everyone talking as more information about the suite is being revealed via screenshots and details. The entire feature list for each application in the upcoming suite has now been revealed.

Microsoft Office 15 features detailed, enhances your productivity - - March 8, 2012

Word 15 will include a new Read More feature that removes distractions from the user interface and auto-resizes text to fit the screen space. There is also a Resume Reading function that auto bookmarks the last document position you were in. Word 15 will also come with Object Zoom, which lets users zoom into pictures and objects by double-clicking on them, and Expand & Collapse, which gives you an easy option to hide or reveal paragraphs under their headings. Word 15 will also feature a Touch Mode that lets users navigate through their documents with their fingers. “Improved features in the Word 15 reading experience also include some enhancements to the Navigation Pane, smoother scrolling throughout documents, and updates to the Dictionary and Translation feature in Word,” the report adds.

Excel 15 is aimed at making it easier to visualize large data sets. New features include Quick Analysis Lens, Recommended Charts, PivotTables, and Flash Fill. “Excel 15 will also introduce some new chart formatting controls that use a fully interactive interface to fine tune charts quickly,” the report adds.

PowerPoint 15 will feature a default aspect ratio of 16:9. “The move is part of an effort to ensure PowerPoint 15 users can create professional-looking designs and presentations with a cinematic appeal, complementing the fact most monitors and projectors are widescreen these days,” the report adds. PowerPoint 15 also features a new chart engine as well as a new Start experience.

Outlook 15 will offer a new Peeks feature that lets users see their schedule, contact information, and review tasks within the same screen. Outlook 15 will also feature a Weather Bar that checks the weather before accepting meeting invites or planning new meetings. One-clicking email replying as also been added to Outlook 15 as well as speed improvements.

OneNote 15 will feature better Tables support as well as the ability to convert an OneNote table into a spreadsheet. “OneNote 15 also includes the new Resume Reading feature found in Word and PowerPoint 15, automatically saving the last position in a notebook so OneNote users can pick up right where they left off, even on a different PC or tablet,” the report adds.

You can read the full feature list here, via THEVERGE.

The Public Preview build of Office 15 is expected this summer with a final release sometime around the end of 2012.

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