Microsoft offers pre-release builds of Windows Phone updates, lets you download GDR3 now

Microsoft's Windows Phone platform

Earlier today, Microsoft officially announced the GDR3 update for Windows Phone 8. Microsoft had promised to deliver this update to developers early and the company has kept its promise. Microsoft has released an app allowing developers to download the GDR3 update now, as well as receive any pre-release updates in the future.

“Windows Phone Preview for Developers gives you, our developer community, access to prerelease builds of Windows Phone updates on your dev phone before operating system updates generally are available to consumers. With the update in hand early, we hope that you can use the time to exercise your code on the update and verify that your app works as you expect. If you find issues, you can fix your app and get an update into the Store before your customers get the OS update,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

However, there is one catch. In order to snag the GDR3 update now, you must have a phone that is “developer-unlocked,” be a registered Windows Phone Store developer, or be registered as a Windows Phone App Studio developer. If you meet these requirements, you can download the app (which you can get via the download link below) and download the GDR3 update now (build 8.0.10512).

Microsoft is only providing the Windows Phone portion of the software update and is not providing firmware/driver updates that are specific to the device. Once the official update is made available, you can install it and move forward. “When you opt in and apply a prerelease update, you can only move forward with updates. When the update is publicly released for your device, you will once again be in a ‘released state.’ There is no path back to a prior release/update,” Microsoft explained.

Microsoft warns that you may void your phones warranty by installing pre-release updates and suggests you visit the company’s support forums to address any issues. 

Once you install the app, head over to “phone updates” in your settings app and snag the GDR3 update! Let us know in the comments below if you successfully snagged the update.

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