Microsoft offers over 100 albums for free and box sets for under $2

Microsoft offers over 100 albums for free and box sets for under $2

In October, Microsoft released an app called Music Deals where users could get albums for low prices. Now Microsoft is stepping up the deals with their recent campaign to get people using music on Windows devices and the Xbox Music service. This deal gives uses the ability to download over 100 albums for free, and users of the Music Deals app have access to box sets for under $2. This deal is too good to pass up so download the app on Windows and/or Windows Phone and take advantage of this today.

Getting music on devices can be tedious when it comes to DRM and switching between ecosystems. This current promotion should ease the pain a little and let Windows and Windows Phone users enjoy free music on their devices. Best of all the, over 100 free albums, include really great music such as Green Day’s American Idiot, Imagine Dragon’s Night Visions, and Of Monsters and Men’s My Head Is An Animal.

In addition to free music, Microsoft is offering box sets for insanely low prices. You can choose from 50 box sets from amazing artists like, John Lennon, Eagles, Radiohead, Kiss, and Nirvana to name a few for under $2 each. This is an amazing deal which is clearly an attempt to get users to give Microsoft a second look when it comes to where to get their music. The app still offers new albums for huge discounts for a limited time each, so jump on this while you still can through this app or Xbox Music.

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