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Microsoft offers a job to Internet Explorer users who visit Bing.com with debug settings enabled

Internet Explorer

Want to be a developer at Bing? Microsoft is apparently offering a job to Internet Explorer users who visit Bing.com with their browser debug settings enabled.

While most of us who visit Bing.com will see a nice homepage wallpaper and a search box, those who visit Bing.com via Internet Explorer and browser debug settings enabled will see a small message pop up. “Do you want to debug this webpage?” the message asks.

However, if you run Internet Explorer developer tools console, another message pops up asking you, “Interested in creating Bing.com experiences? Apply today. http://bit.ly/ZZayNx.” Once you head to that link, you can apply to be a software development engineer with the Bing homepage team.

“Want to influence the face of Bing? Come and join Bing Homepage team! Our team has a startup mentality where we influence product direction, ship code daily, work through rapid iterations and do a lot of A/B testing. On Bing Homepage team you’ll be responsible for developing and shipping experiences on Bing.com homepage which is seen by millions of users every single day,” the job description reads. You can check out the job listing here.

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