Microsoft offers Indian engineering grad $180,000 to join the Bing team at Microsoft HQ


Talk about hard work finally paying off. Microsoft has offered $180,000 to Priyanshu Kumar Jha of Ahmedabad, India, to join the Bing search engine team at the Microsoft Headquarters in the United States. Jha, who is 23 years old, earned a master’s from Singapore in software engineering.

“As an engineering student, I always aspired to work for Microsoft at some point in my career. But to have my first job, at this age, as an engineer in Microsoft is a dream come true. I had to put in a lot of extra work to keep up with my batchmates, who had a minimum of two years of work experience. I was the only one with no work experience, but my top scores always gave me an edge over the others,” Jha stated to The Times.

So what’s the big deal about Jha? Obviously, he has a talent that Microsoft wants, seeing as how the devices and services giant is paying him one of the highest pay packages offered to an engineering postgraduate. Jha mentioned that his interview with Microsoft consisted of a relaxing “six rounds”, with each round lasting six hours.

Jha will work for Microsoft’s Bing search engine team as development engineer. Congrats Jha, show us what you got!

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