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Microsoft offers gift ideas for parents, suggests upgrading their internet browser

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Visiting your parents home for the holidays is actually like taking a step back in time, simply because your parents might be running an older version of Internet Explorer. Microsoft has offered a few tips to help keep your geek mind from going insane during the holidays.

"While most people think of the Friday after Thanksgiving as merely Black Friday, the folks at The Atlantic have another idea we can get behind – Friday is now "Update Your Parents’ Browser Day!" Microsoft mentions in an official blog post.

Microsoft also suggests three gifts ideal for parents. First, parents looking for a new Windows PC can decide on exactly what they want by using the PC finder on on Secondly, Microsoft suggests giving a Microsoft LifeChat Headset as a gift to grandparents or parents who want to video chat via Messenger. "The headsets help to minimize yelling and maximize enjoyment." Finally, Microsoft suggests purchasing a Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard for those with arthritic hands. "By resting their arms, wrists, and hands in a more natural position, they reduce pressure on sensitive areas and the potential for injuries resulting from unhealthy posture."

Microsoft is also jumping aboard the "Update Your Parent's Browser Day" by tooting its own Internet Explorer horn. "For many people, going home for the holidays is a step back in time. Not just because you may be returning to your childhood home, but because you might see IE6 or IE7 on your parents' home PC. On behalf of your web developer friends everywhere, why not help them upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 if they're on Windows XP, or Internet Explorer 9 if they're on Windows Vista or Windows 7?"

Microsoft also offers three tips for using someone else's computer:

  • Never check browser history
  • Never look at the auto-complete answers
  • Always upload funny Facebook statuses in their open browsers.

Let us know your "tips" for using someone else's computer and any gift ideas for parents in the comments below.

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