Microsoft offers a few Skype tips for Xbox One, including auto-zoom toggle and more

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Microsoft offers a few Skype tips for Xbox One, including auto-zoom toggle and more

Everyone should be aware by now that Skype comes with the next-gen Xbox One entertainment console. You can conduct a video call with a friend while playing your favorite game. In an official blog post, Microsoft has offered a few tips on making your Skype experience a little better on the Xbox One.

“Today I’d like to lift the lid on some of the cool features to get you ahead of the game. Whether it’s turning the auto-zoom feature on and off, typing with your mobile device or continuing a call while gaming, these tips have got you covered,” Microsoft’s Matthew de Beer stated in an official Skype blog post.

You can easily toggle auto-zoom by simply moving the cursor to your own video in the bottom right of the screen and use the A button to toggle auto-zoom on or off. Keeping this feature enabled will allow the Kinect to zoom in and zoom out to keep things centered, which can be an issue when you have people running around – such as kids.

The Xbox One controller wasn’t designed to be a keyboard replacement, therefore Microsoft has created SmartGlass to turn your mobile phone or tablet into a second screen that interacts with the big screen. With SmartGlass, you can use your smartphone or tablet as a keyboard.

“The Xbox One is built with all your gaming and multimedia needs in mind. Skype on Xbox One was built to share those experiences with your nearest and dearest and that would be difficult if you had to choose between one and the other,” Microsoft adds.

With Skype, you can do a video call while playing a game. If you switch to something else, your call will continue in the background but the video feed will end.

Do you have any Xbox One tips to share?

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