Microsoft offers enhanced Azure services in latest update

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Microsoft offers enhanced Azure services in latest update

Today, Microsoft enhanced its Azure services with an update across Azure Premium Storage, Azure SQL Database, Azure Active Directory and much more. Microsoft Azure knows that today’s workforce is more tech-savy than ever and Microsoft Azure is always striving to meet the ever-growing needs of companies and better ways to help drive employee productivity anytime, anywhere, and using any device. That is why companies need adaptability, speed, and confidence in their cloud solutions.

Microsoft announced in their October 20th briefing a number of cloud innovations including Premium Storage. Today, Microsoft offers a preview of that Premium Storage. Premium Storage stores data on the latest SSDs and offers 32 TB of storage per virtual machine. With Premium Storage, Azure offers the capability to put any service you need to the cloud. There is also a preview of Azure SQL Database that brings a near-complete SQL Server compatibility and more performance on the Performance Tier. The features that are previewed in the update show customers exciting capabilities on this new Azure service and dramatically improve the ability to work with larger database workloads.

Other improvements include improvements to Azure Active Directory and the general availability of the Azure RemoteApp. Azure Active Directory shows how to stay productive by giving employees access to corporate resources at all times. Microsoft continues to improve its access and identity management services and Azure Active Directory helps to achieve that need. Another improvement in this update is the release of Azure RemoteApp. Azure RemoteApp delivers remote applications from the Azure cloud and users can access these application via the remote desktop client that is compatible with the device of their choice. That way, they are always connected to the resources they need; anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Microsoft Azure services update today is certainly something that all corporate businesses have been looking forward to and need to increase the productivity and to constantly evolve their strategy to stay ahead in today’s competitive market.

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