Microsoft offers up day 0 Intune support for Android Nougat

Much of the tech sector observing smartphone operating systems appears to be gushing over Google’s latest offering, Android N or more commonly referred to as Android Nougat. Announced during Google’s I/O developer conference, the seventh major iteration of the Android operating system brings some long-awaited multitasking features such as split screen functionality to the core OS, tweaks to the notification center, and more.

Android N (Nougat) is seemingly such a big deal that even Microsoft’s Intune service is providing day 0 support for the operating system within hours of its release.

When your users upgrade their devices from prior versions or buy new devices with Android N pre-loaded, you can be confident that Intune’s device and app management features will continue to work seamlessly. The only thing you need to do is update to the latest version of the Company Portal.”

For anyone interested in using Intune to upgrade their company’s Android devices or app support to Nougat, Microsoft warns of changes that should be taken into consideration. Perhaps in a move to endorse the manufacturing of more finger printer readers, Google has removed the passcode reset capability in Android Nougat. And so, companies whose Android devices already use Intune or other MDS’s for management will no longer be able to help reset passcodes. Microsoft nor Google seem to be working on a solution to specifically tackle the issue leaving Microsoft to remove the option from its Intune dashboard in the next system-wide update.

For more details on the issue, Microsoft is encouraging deployment teams to visit the Google API documentation or see the What’s New in Microsoft Intune page.

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