Microsoft offers the Bing winter wallpaper and screensaver pack for you to download

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Bing Winter

Microsoft is offering the Bing winter wallpaper and screensaver pack for your desktop and it is available for download now. The Winter pack comes with seven frosty wallpapers and weighs in at 16.4MB. Microsoft sent out an email to Bing users to day mentioning the availability of this "special gift."

"Inspired by a chill in the air? Download our winter wallpaper and screensaver pack with beautiful, frosty landscapes," Microsoft stated in an email to those subscribed to the Bing Newsletter. If you are interesting in having seven frosty wallpapers displayed on your desktop and feel like celebrating the cold season, hit the download link below to grab the winter wallpaper and screensaver pack. Keep in mind, this pack is nothing new and has been available since November of 2012, but Microsoft is simply encouraging users to download it now.

winter pack

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