Microsoft offers app developers tips in Windows 8 touch developer document

In a new PDF document released by Microsoft, the company offers developers a few hints on making their programs work best with the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. The guide offers several tips on how to properly use a touch interface on a tablet.

The PDF file, discovered by NEOWIN, offers an insight on making Metro apps work efficiently on a touch screen. “Windows 8 provides a concise set of touch interactions used consistently throughout the system. Applying this language consistently makes your app feel familiar to what users already know. This increases user confidence by making your app easier to learn and use,” Microsoft mentions in the developer guidance document.

Microsoft mentions that designing for touch is more than designing whats displayed on the screen, rather, it requires designing for how the tablet device will be held. “Try optimizing your app for different kinds of grips. But if an interaction naturally lends itself to a specific grip, optimize for that,” the company mentions in the document.

Microsoft also suggests that most people will hold a tablet with their left hand and touch it with their right hand. “In general, elements placed on the right side are easier to touch, and putting them on the right prevents occlusion of the main area of the screen,” the company adds.

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