Microsoft offers advice on creating low-cost Windows Phone Tango apps

Microsoft recently announced support for lower cost Windows Phone devices. Today, the company is offering app developers several development tips on creating low-cost Windows Phone apps for the upcoming Tango update.

“The introduction of lower cost devices and support for new markets brings with it an opportunity to reach a large new audience with your Windows Phone apps. Optimizing your apps for these lower cost devices is critical to ensure that your users get the best possible experience regardless of device,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Microsoft is offering these tips on making sure apps perform well on lower cost devices, as well as higher cost devices:

  • Keep startup time fast. In other words, defer as much activity as possible until the first frame of your application is rendered.
  • Reduce memory usage. Apps should not exceed 90MB of memory usage on 256MB devices
  • Handle Feature Reductions. In other words, generic background agents are suspended.
  • Respond to user input. In other words, keep as much activity off of the UI thread as possible until absolutely necessary.

Microsoft recommends following these tips to not only receive better performance on a low-cost device, but also improve performance on a higher end device. “Not only will these optimizations result in great performance on lower cost phones, but the optimizations you make will improve the performance of your app on today‚Äôs generation of devices as well, so get a head start tuning your app with the devices you have today,” Microsoft adds.

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