Microsoft offers 1600 Microsoft Points as an apology after some user data was exposed

Email Twitter: @ZacB_ Mar 22nd, 2013 inNews


Microsoft have recently been letting Xbox 360 users in the UK vote for their favourite games of 2013 in the Xbox Entertainment Awards. The voting process was handled over Facebook, and an error in the system revealed details of everyone who had voted.

Personal info that was revealed included their name, Xbox LIVE Gamertag, email address and birthday. This alone is enough to get many participants angry. Microsoft almost immediately pulled the awards as soon as they found out about the security issue.

To apologize, everyone who voted and had their information revealed will be receiving 1600 Microsoft Points for free from Microsoft. “To apologise for any inconvenience this technical issue and the withdrawal of the Xbox LIVE Awards Programme Competition may have caused we are, as a gesture of goodwill, providing you with 1600 Microsoft Points” says the email.

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