Microsoft offering Windows 8 Pro upgrade to students for $69.99 starting February 1st

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Windows 8 Pro

With the Windows 8 Upgrade Offer soon to end, those who have yet to pull the trigger on making the move to Windows 8 will end up paying $199.99 for the Windows 8 Pro upgrade. For students, Microsoft is offering a special deal on the upgrade for $69.99 which ends March 19th.

"Today I’d like to share the pricing details for the Windows 8 student offer which will begin here in the U.S. on February 1st and in 49 additional countries by March 19th. The Windows 8 Pro upgrade edition will be available for students online via the Microsoft Store for $69.99 (ERP)*," Microsoft stated in an official blog post. Students must have a valid email address from a qualifying educational institution in order to snag this discounted deal. Students will also need to be running a PC with either Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7. Head to the Microsoft Store to purchase the student discounted Windows 8 Pro upgrade!

After January 31st, the regular pricing for Windows 8 will be as follows. Windows 8 Pro upgrade will run for $199.99 online and at retail stores. Windows 8 upgrade will cost $119.99, both at retail and online. The Windows 8 Pro pack, which adds Pro features such as Bitlocker and Windows Media Center to a non-Pro edition, will run for $99.99. Windows 8 Media Center Pack will run for $9.99.

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