Microsoft Pakistan offering 8-week internship opportunity at the Islamabad office


Are you interested in working for the Redmond-based company? If the answer to this simple question is “yes,” look no further as Microsoft Pakistan is offering 8-week internship opportunity at their Islamabad office in Pakistan. This is a great opportunity for those who are about to graduate and want to get some exposure of how things work at multi-national companies, and Microsoft is one of the best places to get started if you manage to get into it.

Candidates interested in the internship opportunity should send their CVs to [email protected] and CC it to [email protected] The seats are limited and candidates will be evaluated based on their technical and soft skills, according to the internship poster. 

The criteria is pretty simple, and every person who loves technology should apply, with some expertise in software development should apply. It’s as follows:

  • Ability to adopt to the modern technology.
  • Can teach and mentor other people.
  • Solid background of programming in C# and Asp.NET

Microsoft Pakistan

Sounds good enough? Do you think you have what it takes to be a part of Microsoft’s internship program? If yes, follow the instructions and send your resume to the email addresses mentioned above before February 14th. Best of luck to those that apply!

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