Microsoft: 'Windows will always be for people who do'

Microsoft is now for the people who "Do".

For a software giant like Microsoft, with heaps of innovation and worth while products, there has always been a few seemingly intangible amount of reasons analysts have debated back and forth as to why it has struggled over the past decade to demonstrate those achievements to the average consumer. Meanwhile companies like Google, Amazon and Apple present the same technologies and innovations and reap the lions share of attention for them.

Some believe it's unnecessarily complicated product names, timing, product presentation or simple marketing. Apple, Amazon, and recently Google have all found their marketing strides on the backs of giving the consumer the 'feels'. Heart warming narratives showcasing their products in (arguably) everyday meaningful ways. Microsoft on the other hand has spent the last 5 years targeting brand appreciation with sharp bullet point comparisons, that take the average consumer longer to comprehend than advertisement they just watched.

Well it looks like Microsoft may be pivoting on that marketing plan and going in a new direction with a handful of recent marketing spots. This year's Super Bowl spots leaned heavily on last years theme of Microsoft's quiet technological presence that has been helping real people get real things done.

The latest spot is continuing that focus while offering consumers some insight on Microsoft's historical execution and its future vision. In a spot titled, Do Great Things, Microsoft is no longer giving it's competitor's free advertisement space by pitting it's products against the widely known competition, but showcasing it's historically rich products that have quietly been helping the lives of millions for years and will evolve to continue to do so in the future.

"We put the personal into computing by democratizing technology, not putting it on a pedestal, by respecting everyone's privacy and encouraging their individuality. But we're not building another new operating system, we're building a deeply personal and an incredibly empowering experience called Windows."

The  new spot goes on to layout the floor plan on the future of Windows. Microsoft is incorporating technologies like Kinect and Cortana, pen and ink gestures on various touchscreen devices and surfaces, and putting that technology into products people use everyday. From 2-in-1 PC's, tablets, phones, to subways, and ultrasound machines, Microsoft's software and devices will help to not only organize people's digital life but give them the tools to do even more in their everyday life.

"Windows will always be for people who do. Because people who do, are the ones who move the world forward." - Microsoft

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