Microsoft Not Dropping the Xbox 360’s Price

During this years Gamescom, Sony announced that it would be reducing the price of the PlayStation 3 by $50 dollars. Microsoft, on the other hand, stated that gamers should not expect to see the same price reduction for the Xbox 360.

“As you can imagine, we plan for these scenarios all the time. For me to sit here and say that was a big surprise would be a lie. Respect for what they do, of course. I love the competition, actually: it keeps us on our toes, and consumers benefit ultimately,” Microsoft’s VP of Interactive Entertainment, Chris Lewis stated.

“We think we offer great value now. We have better service provision than anybody. We attach more effectively than anybody. I think Xbox Live’s enviable. What we’ve achieved with Kinect has given us growth that I think others would aspire to at this point in the lifecycle. We’re happy with our position. While we’re not complacent about the competition, I wouldn’t trade places,” Lewis further explained.

After Sony’s announcement that the company was reducing its PlayStation 3’s price by $50 dollars, many gamers were eagerly hoping that Microsoft would do the same for the Xbox 360. Currently in the United States, the Xbox 360 is available in a $300 250GB model and a $200 4GB model, not to mention various bundles.

The PS3 will now cost $250 for a 160GB, and $350 for a 320GB PS3 with a Sports Champions and Move starter kit bundle.

Microsoft stated that the company plans on keeping the current Xbox 360 pricing for a little while longer.

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