Microsoft is not bringing back the Start button in Windows 8, will offer tutorials instead

Email Twitter: @ZacB_ Mar 31st, 2012 inNews

When Microsoft announced that they had removed the Start button in Windows 8, many thought the company had lost their mind. A new report is suggesting that Microsoft is not planning to bring the Start button back, and will instead offer tutorials for those who need it.

The removal of the Start button in Windows 8 has received many complaints, but that hasn’t made Microsoft re-implement it into the OS. Microsoft has removed the Start button for good, which means users will have to result to the Start key on the keyboard, the charms bar or corners, which isn’t what you would usually do on a Windows machine.

Tami Reller, head of marketing and CFO of the Windows and Windows LIVE division at Microsoft has addressed concerns about Windows 8, and how it can be confusing to the average consumer since Metro is a whole new user interface that will take time getting used to.

Reller says that it is unlikely for the Start button to make a return in Windows 8, and that the company is planning to introduce new tutorials for users if they get stuck or need help.

What do you think? Was it a smart move on Microsoft’s part removing the Start button? Leave your comments below!

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