Microsoft: No Tablets until it's Distinctive

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In a recent interview, Microsoft's UK managing director mentions that the company will not produce a tablet device to compete with Apple's iPad and Google's Android-powered Tablets. Until Microsoft has something to brag about, the company plans on keeping its mouth shut.

As Pocket-lint reports, Microsoft's UK managing director, Ashley Highfield, says Microsoft has no current plan to create a tablet device of their own to compete with rivals. However, Highfield does not rule out the fact that Microsoft might take a step into the tablet computer market in the future.

Until Microsoft has something to brag about, Highfield believes that Microsoft will not create something that has already been done. "We won't do anything in the tablet market unless we can be distinctive."

Highfield claims that Microsoft still firmly believes that it is an "underdog" in many of the markets it competes in especially the tablet market.

Those that are familiar with Microsoft's tablet strategy are saying that Microsoft doesn't plan on releasing an operating system specifically for tablets until the "2012 back to school season." This means we might have to wait until July of 2012 for a tablet OS.

As far as a tablet computer from Microsoft, we will have to just wait and see. Microsoft doesn't seem to be ready to enter this field just yet.

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