Microsoft: No next-gen Xbox announcement at this years E3 conference.

Even though much speculation has gone into whether Microsoft will be announcing a new Xbox console at this years E3 conference, a senior marketing director at the company has today announced that they will not be announcing any new console.

It was rumoured that Microsoft were planning to reveal a new Xbox console at this years E3 gaming expo, these were only rumours, and today the company has confirmed them not true.

Jose Pinero, senior marketing director at Microsoft said in a statement: "What we have seen with the Xbox 360 is that the Kinect has extended the life of the console," he continues "historically in the 6th or 7th year console sales start flattening or going down because it's kind of the end of life."

Remember, these could all be to lower the expectation at this years E3 event, but it isn't like Microsoft to lie about not revealing, but then revealing a product.

If so fourth is correct, we wont be seeing a new Xbox console for another year or two, with more rumours suggesting 2013 or 2014 as a reveal year for the console.

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