Microsoft news recap: MSFT stock tops $70, Beam rebranded to Mixer and more

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Microsoft (MSFT) news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read!

Microsoft stock tops $70 as momentum continues to build

Microsoft’s stock continues to reach new highs, as it has exceeded $70. Since Nadella’s announcement as CEO back in November 2014, the stock price has continued to surge on its upward trend.

Microsoft stock price May 26

Microsoft rebrands Beam as “Mixer” and adds new features in further push to take on Twitch

Owing to global naming issues with the name Beam, Microsoft has taken the decision to rename its acquired live streaming service to Mixer, as well as announcing new features to compete with Amazon’s Twitch.

Microsoft launches new Mixer Create live streaming app

In addition to renaming Beam to Mixer, the company is also launching a new Mixer Create live streaming app, that it hopes in the future will allow games on mobile devices to be streamed, and sees a future where those on Pokemon Go could interact with each other.

Mixer Create on iOS

Groove Music is giving users $25 of Microsoft Store credit

To entice more users to subscribe to Microsoft’s music streaming service Groove Music, the company is offering $25 Microsoft Store credit when purchasing a 12-month Groove Music subscription.

Microsoft news recap: MSFT stock tops $70, Beam rebranded to Mixer and more - - May 28, 2017

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