Microsoft news recap: Mixer struggles against its rivals, Microsoft Edge add-ons website gets redesigned, and more

Jack Wilkinson


Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read!

How low can it go? Data shows Mixer rarely gets more than 70K concurrent viewers

New data suggests that Mixer is struggling to reach a large audience, with the live streaming service rarely crossing 70,000 concurrent viewers, despite its rivals seeing huge growth during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Microsoft's Mixer website
Microsoft’s Mixer website

Asana announces a new integration with Microsoft Teams

Asana has announced a deeper integration with Microsoft Teams; rather than merely being a tab within the Teams interface, Microsoft Teams will now be able to provide access to information from Asana directly within Teams, as well as manage Asana tasks.

Microsoft Teams, Microsoft, Apps

Project xCloud will reportedly support PC games in addition to Xbox ones

A new report suggests that Microsoft’s Project xCloud service, which allows games to be streamed to devices, could also support PC games, not just Xbox games.

We went hands on with both Project xCloud and Google Stadia, here are our first impressions

Redesigned Microsoft Edge Add-ons site now available for all users

Microsoft Edge’s Add-ons website has had a redesign on its horizons since Build 2020, with promises of better search functionality and curated content. Now, the redesigned Microsoft Edge Add-ons website is available to all users.

Microsoft Edge add-ons site

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