Microsoft news recap: Minecraft Dungeons has over 11.5 million players, IoT security provider ReFirm Labs acquired, and more

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Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read!

Microsoft acquires IoT security provider ReFirm Labs

ReFirms Labs, an IoT security provider that has worked on developing new methods of detecting security flaws, has been acquired by Microsoft for an undisclosed amount.

How Microsoft's new acquisition, ReFirm Labs, will help customers.

Xbox doesn’t have a two years console exclusivity on Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision for Gaming after all

The French Xbox Wire website had a post that claimed there was a two year console exclusivity deal on Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision for Gaming, which led to a lot of discussion on the topic of exclusivity deals in gaming. However, the post has since been deleted and Microsoft has confirmed that the information was inaccurate.

Xbox Series X|s Dolby Vision Gaming

Dona Sarkar gets a new role leading Accessibility tech for Microsoft

The previous head of the Windows Insider program who then moved to the Azure team, Dona Sarkar, is now taking up a new role at Microsoft to lead on Accessibility tech for the entirety of the company.

Minecraft Dungeons video game attracts over 11.5 million players in 232 regions

The team behind Minecraft Dungeons have released a bunch of interesting statistics about the dungeon crawler spin-off of Minecraft. One of the headline stats is that there are over 11.5 million players, spread across 232 regions. Check out more stats on the game here.

This week in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams users can now use apps in external meetings and chats

External meetings and chats can now support apps, and the enhancement is currently rolling out to users.

Microsoft Teams calls are getting more secure with end-to-end encryption support in July

It has been announced that calls in Microsoft Teams will get end-to-end encryption in July, helping increase the security of communications on Teams.

Microsoft Teams to add a top-requested feature from the community

A top-requested feature from Microsoft Teams users, the platform will add the ability to allow users to delete private chats. Whilst no ETA is available, Microsoft has promised an update on the feature request “soon”.

Microsoft Teams for iOS and Android will soon let users translate channel messages

The iOS and Android apps for Microsoft Teams will soon allow users to translate messages in channels, helping users understand conversations that aren’t in their native language. It will use the Microsoft Translator service.

Microsoft Teams public preview gets macOS native notifications and new Presenter Mode for meetings

The public preview of Microsoft Teams on macOS has added native notifications support, and also added a new Presenter Mode for meetings, which allows presenters to customise how shared content and video feed displays to participants.

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