Microsoft news recap: Microsoft vs. Apple days are over, Microsoft Authenticator to get backup and recovery, and more

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Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read!

Marketing exec Chris Cappossela says Microsoft vs Apple days are behind the company

Microsoft's marketing executive, Chris Cappossela, has said that the days of Microsoft going head-to-head with its rivals, such as Apple and Amazon, are over. The company will instead be looking to build strategic partnerships, instead of going after its competitors in a direct manner.

Microsoft Authenticator gets backup and recovery, coming first to iOS

When switching to a new phone, it can be a tedious task having to set up all of your accounts with two-factor authentication again through Microsoft Authenticator. In some cases, it can lead to being locked out of an account. Microsoft is working on a solution, with a new feature that allows the backup and recovery of accounts connected to the Microsoft Authenticator app. The update will be coming to iOS first.

Microsoft authenticator app

New sharing experience coming to OneDrive on iOS and Android, Mac client now part of Office 2016 for Mac

OneDrive on iOS and Android is set to receive a new sharing experience, bringing a more unified sharing experience across platforms, as shown below.

Microsoft news recap: microsoft vs. Apple days are over, microsoft authenticator to get backup and recovery, and more - onmsft. Com - april 29, 2018

Microsoft Teams now supports more than 300 file type previews

Microsoft Teams now uses OneDrive and Sharepoint to display file previews. With this, Microsoft Teams can now display a preview of over 300 different file types. SVG is not currently supported due to some issues, but will be coming in the future.

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