Microsoft news recap: Microsoft Edge web browser becomes 2nd popular, Mixer gives $100 to each streamer with partner status, and more

Jack Wilkinson

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Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read!

Mixer continues to lag behind Twitch and YouTube, according to new quarterly report

A new report has shown that Mixer is continuing to lag behind its rivals, including Twitch and YouTube gaming, in the amount of viewership it receives.

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Microsoft’s new Edge browser inches up in popularity, now 2nd most popular browser

Whilst Mixer may not be doing so well, Microsoft is doing better on the web browser front, as Microsoft Edge has managed to climb to the 2nd spot for browser popularity, knocking Firefox down a peg. Microsoft Edge now commands around 7.59% of the market.


Microsoft’s Mixer video game streaming service gives $100 to each streamer with partner status

With the Coronavirus pandemic affecting many financially, Mixer has given $100 to each streamer who has the partner status. No official announcement has been made.

Mixer iPhone app
Mixer iPhone app

LinkedIn offers free job listings for essential services

To help essential businesses during the Coronavirus pandemic, LinkedIn is allowing those essential businesses to post job listings for free, in order to help them find employees to complete the work.

LinkedIn mobile app could soon get dark mode support

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