Microsoft news recap: Bing Chat trials NoSearch feature, Activision’s cloud gaming rights to be sold to Ubisoft, and more

Jack Wilkinson

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Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read!

Microsoft finally launches Microsoft Edge for Business, boosting work security and productivity.

Microsoft has launched Microsoft Edge for Business, a new version of its web browser designed for businesses. Edge for Business includes a number of features that are designed to improve security and productivity, such as switching between work and personal browsing, as well as automatic sign-in with for those with Microsoft Entra IDs.

Edge for Business

Microsoft to sell off Activision’s cloud gaming rights to Ubisoft as it seeks to conclude ABK deal.

Microsoft has tabled a deal to sell off Activision’s cloud gaming rights to Ubisoft as part of its ongoing attempt to complete its acquisition of Activision Blizzard, in an attempt to appease the UKs Competition and Markets Authority. The revised acquisition deal is now being reviewed by the CMA.

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Microsoft commits to EU’s Digital Services Act (DSA) for transparency in ads.

Microsoft has committed to complying with the European Union’s Digital Services Act (DSA), which is designed to increase transparency in online advertising. The DSA requires online platforms to provide more information about how they target ads, and it also gives users more control over their personal data. To help provide detail on Microsoft’s compliance efforts, the company will release a report every six months to outline its compliance with the Act.

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Bing Chat trials “NoSearch with Bing” feature, opting out of default web searches.

Microsoft is trialling a new feature for Bing Chat called “NoSearch with Bing”. This feature allows users to opt out of the default web search functionality in Bing Chat, meaning that responses will not provide information from a web search, and will therefore be limited to answering the user’s query without supporting web content.

Bing Chat

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