Microsoft News app gains new International English version on iOS devices

Brad Stephenson

Microsoft Office apps on iOS

The Microsoft News app has updated on iOS devices today with new support for an International (English) option.

This new option isn’t just a new language option for those who like words to be spelt correctly though. Once enabled, this new International (English) version will also suggest stories from more English news sources from around the world and will even suggest different topics to add to a user’s favorites list.

The news source change isn’t too apparent when switching from another English option, it almost looks identical to the Australia (English) news for example, but it’s much more apparent when comparing it to the India or Brazil options.

The suggested topics are quite different however. While those with United States (English) enabled will be asked to follow subjects such as Autos, Celebrity News, Crime, Fact Check, and Politics, enabling the International (English) setting will suggest topics like Asia, Middle East, Europe, Europe Sport, Australasia, and Life.

Have you tried switching the language or region options on your Microsoft News app? Let us know which you prefer in the comments below. Will you try the International option?

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