Microsoft has a New Year’s Checklist collection in the Windows 10 Store

With the New Year finally coming around the bend, many of us have gone about putting together some New Year's resolutions. This tradition has us resolving to better ourselves at the New Year in any number of ways - getting fit, gaining better education, reading more, anything to make ourselves be a bit better than we are. To that end, Microsoft has put out a handy list of apps on the Windows Store that might help you out when you're trying to stick to those New Year's resolutions.

The list is fairly comprehensive, offering an option to just about anybody who decided to make a resolution this year. If you're looking to try and get fit, then you should check out apps like Daily Workout (or Runtastic Pro, which is now free for a short while) have you covered by giving you a workout regiment for each day, offering you 5-10 minute daily routines so you know what you should do to get the ideal workout.

Daily workouts
Daily workouts
Developer: ‪Daily Workout Apps LLC‬
Price: Code needed

For those who are looking to get a bit more educated, Khan Academy is an incredible resource. The app can offer comprehensive lessons in anything from trigonometry to biology, and can even give you quizzes to help you retain the information. Whether you're a student who needs supplementary lessons or just someone who likes to learn, Khan Academy is a massive help.

Microsoft has a new year’s checklist collection in the windows 10 store - onmsft. Com - january 1, 2016
The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Want to get into more books? Stories are all over the place, but in today's day and age, it's getting harder and harder to sit down and actually pick up a book to read. Audible has been trying to solve that problem for a while now and has gained a significant amount of success in doing so. Being one of the leading distributors of audiobooks online, this branch of Amazon offers free books to those who are just signing up, letting you get a taste of the service right off the bat. It's definitely worth trying, as it doesn't cost anything to get the trial.

Audiobooks from audible
Audiobooks from audible
Developer: ‪Audible Inc‬
Price: Code needed

There are tons of other apps on the list for any number of resolutions, all of them totally free. It's worth checking over if you have a spare moment, and any one of them could easily become a mainstay in your app collection. Most of them are immediately recognizable as being of a significant quality, so there's really no going wrong here.

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